Quality Control

Our high quality products are produced with most top quality and well tested materials, and are in compliance with the international standards.

Mainly Genuine Leather & Textile are used in our products to keep the Prices Cheep also. Polyester Fabric, Polymatt Rubber Padding on Knuckles for protection in traction situation Elasticized with Polymatt for better movement. Schotchlit & Dynatic Reflector Piping for night ridding on Palm of the Winter Gloves, Genuine Cowhide Leather Reinforcement Leather Elasticized Wrist for better fitness Velcro Adjuster Straps at Wrist& Finally at last but not least Nylon & Kevlar Thread used for high quality Sewn

Function: The products are well manufactured and are always perfect for the function they are made for.

Feature: We carry out all the necessary tests, inspections and process control activities to ensure that there is no problem with the products. The technical specifications are provided for more understanding of the products and to improve the confidence of the customer.

Reliability: We give our customer the guarantee that the products are reliable in use even after using it up till the extended period of time. Our Products perform their function efficiently more than any other product of similar nature in the market.

All the Products are made in our own facility by the workers who are best in their workmanship, and commitment. All manufacturing processes are carried out under one roof for ensuring complete quality control. 

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