Research and Development

Max-Z is a Manufacturing concern in WEIGHTLIFTING, BOXING MMA GEARS. Her work on strategic planning for road safety has broken new ground in facilitating community ownership and involvement.
WEIGHTLIFTING GEARS are not only a part of fashion, they are one of the most important tools when you practic or fight. As manufacturers, we keep these things in mind. We design & produce gloves, Belts, Trousers, vests,  and accessories using the best available branded & non branded materials,  which keep your body to moderate temperature even in extreme conditions.

Mainly Genuine Leather & Textile are used in our Gloves & Belts to keep the Prices Cheep also. Polyester Fabric, Polymatt Rubber Padding on Knuckles for protection in traction situation Elasticized with Polymatt for better movement. Genuine Cowhide Leather Reinforcement Leather Elasticized Wrist for better fitness Velcro Adjuster Straps at Wrist& Finally at last but not least Nylon & Kevlar Thread used for high quality Sewn


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